Building Content Marketing Assets That Drive Value Beyond SEO

Content should be built with an eye towards not just search, but building industry authority as a thought leader, supporting business development, and facilitating customer success.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be at the core of any serious digital marketing strategy, and SEO is an essential part of Stage2’s overall digital marketing services. Developing high quality content that’s carefully tailored to target keywords is the only realistic path to a sustainable flow of organic long-term search traffic. 

Creating quality content comes with real costs, however (whether that’s time for busy internal professionals or fees for content marketing services). To maximize the ROI of the time and money spent on content development, we have to think “beyond SEO.” The organic search traffic provided by a well executed SEO strategy can be crafted into a gold-mine for highly relevant leads. These leads, however, are not the only objective of a high quality digital marketing presence. 

High-value content should not only center on carefully targeted keywords, but be built to: 

  • Demonstrate knowledge, thoughtful engagement with relevant business problems, and awareness of other quality content on the topic. Truly informative content doesn’t just earn search traffic—it helps demonstrate authority on topics of vital importance to your target audience. 
  • Provide quality that goes beyond skeletal keyword-oriented pages. Truly deep, informative content earns bookmarks, social media shares, and raised eyebrows (not to mention search rankings).
  • Be thoughtfully integrated with a web of related content. Each piece of content should be built to not just earn traffic in isolation, but direct users further into a web of helpful content—content that offers not only the ability to make a purchase directly, but learn more over time.
  • Be coordinated with non-digital sales and marketing opportunities. For example, a white paper building off a conference presentation has a ready-made audience—include a link to learn more at the end of the presentation. High quality content shouldn’t just sit on the website, but be actively promoted as a useful resource for supporting and leveraging broader business development work. 

Building multi-faceted content also helps digital marketing spending generate some returns sooner rather than later. A white paper, for instance, might start generating serious organic search action over a 6–12 month timespan. But, if distributed by employees and executives through channels like LinkedIN, this asset can start generating real value far sooner than that.

Building content with this sort of depth takes substantial writing time, and even more careful planning. Each new asset needs to thoughtfully build on the existing web of digital marketing content.

This detailed-oriented execution can be troublesome to support in-house. 

Executives and technical resources at growth stage companies often struggle to find  time to write even a rough drafts, much less polished documents worthy of proudly distributing to industry executives. Which is precisely why Stage2 offers content writing, planning, and strategy as a key component of our core SEO and digital marketing offerings.

Targeted interview sessions with client subject matter experts (SME’s) and executives help turn your ideas into content using only a brief meeting or rough notes, saving busy team members hours of hard writing and editing work. Initial drafts can then be tweaked as necessary to ensure a high quality final product. Our writing team conducts independent background research as needed to deliver quality insight on even dense, highly technical topics, no hand-holding required. 

Get in touch with Stage2 Marketing here to discuss your digital marketing strategy and content needs. Through our CMO and marketing consulting services, you can not only get help building great content, but scaling up the digital marketing strategy you need to put it to work.


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